"I experimented with chance and holding the state of indefiniteness as long as possible, abandoning any agenda towards the outcome.

I begin with a small brush and let it run over the canvas, deliberately withholding too much attention, while staying in the abstract. I stop and see if an inspiring shape arises, and start developing it. If the canvas gets too crammed with lines, I sort them out by colouring intersections, then reducing superflous lines. There is no item or person on any of the pictures that I drew with a preset intention."






We're delighted to show

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Saturday 27 April 2024

from 2 - 4 pm



We'd love you to join us for

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earlier exhibitions



                ● An Afternoon with Marilyn  in The Borders Textile Towerhouse, April/June 2023 (solo)





                ● About the Town  in The Cornucopia Room/Unit 4, Hawick, May 2022  (solo)




       Wohin geht die Reise?, studio exhibition, Hamburg, Aug/Sep 2020  (solo)




                      Neues aus Hamburg, Rindchens Weinkontor, Hamburg, June 2019  (solo)




  ● Studio Opening Exhibition, Hamburg, Oct 2018  (solo)




                       Bunte Reise, Akademie für Musik und Kultur, Nov 2012  (solo)




                 ● Innere und äußere Landschaften, Haspa Rissen, Hamburg, May 2003  (solo)




                Kinder, Kinder, Galerie Sebastian Drum, Schleswig, 2001  (group)